About Us


founded in 2016 and operating the Central and Easter European Area, offers a new and unique business model in the context of the Social Benefits and the Funeral Assistance.

The idea of this disruptive model was origin in Mexico in 2004 and the new concept achieved quickly a wide acceptance in the society and among the leaders of the most important companies.

The European development of the Company started in 2015 in Spain and followed in the Central European Area.  The expansion of CINTAF International is supported by the successful business model operating for more than a decade and the know-how provided by a group of investors with 40 years of experience in the funeral sector. Today, CINTAF is present in Hungary, Poland and Romania and plans to expand to the other Central and Eastern European countries.

Our mission is to provide innovative
and global solutions in the funeral sector
and at the same time, contribute to the
improvement of the funeral culture in the area.

We give a different perspective
to the funeral service: we consider and interpret this
indispensable service affecting everyone as a
collective care form and not an individual cost.

commitment to the quality and to the humanity
are in accordance with the business goals
of our clients and the aim to improve together
the social welfare.


We address Companies, Governmental and other Public Administrations, collectives, associations, and any other group of people who aims to provide their employees or affiliates an added value service in social benefit, provide their families a necessary protection in difficult times , included psychological support, legal advisement and a complete funeral service.

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