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Data protection information for the “” web site

Upon visiting this web site your data are under the responsible management of CINTAF International Zrt. / Reg. Num.: 01-10-049099 / Benczúr utca 47. III. em. 1068 Budapest. (Hereafter CINTAF INTERNATIONAL).

When you visit the CINTAF INTERNATIONAL‘s internet web site, you also provide us with your personal data.

Your personal data (that is, the data that may be related to your identity) may be transferred to our management as follows: on the one hand, in connection with the maintenance of the internet connection the technical data related to the computer, browser, internet address used and the pages visited by you are automatically generated in our computer system, and on the other hand, you may also provide us with your name, contact or other details, if during the use of the web site you wish to establish personal contact with us.

The information available on the web site may be viewed without registration or log-on data. However, there are some functions the use of which may be subject to providing certain personal data (name, e-mail).

By providing CINTAF INTERNATIONAL with any of your personal data you authorise CINTAF INTERNATIONAL to register and manage such data for the purpose and time determined by the nature of the transaction.

CINTAF INTERNATIONAL manages any personal data obtained during the use of the web site in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information.

CINTAF INTERNATIONAL shall under no circumstances – other than those stipulated by law – disclose the data obtained by it to third parties.

CINTAF INTERNATIONAL uses no external organisation (data processing agent) for the operation of the web site and for the management of the visitors’ data.

CINTAF INTERNATIONAL handles the personal data provided by you via the internet with the same degree of protection as the data provided to it in any other way.

CINTAF INTERNATIONAL uses cookies for the purpose of increasing the quality of its services and managing the security and data protection risks adequately. Cookies are small pieces of data stored by this web site in your computer’s web browser and later on read from there. The cookies can be read by no other web sites than the one that placed them. CINTAF INTERNATIONAL uses the cookies for administrative purposes, such as measuring page impression. None of the cookies contain any such personal data that would enable anybody to contact you by e-mail, telephone or ordinary mail. The browser may also be set such that the programme informs you by a message about the placement of the cookies or blocks the cookies.